Colin Petty

Born in Wanstead, East London, somewhere in the middle of the 20th century.

Educated in graphic design at the South West Essex School of Art in Walthamstow, London

When I graduated I found work in a cartoon studio in Wardour St, mainly because many of my serious attempts at artwork still looked like cartoons. Since the late 70s I have worked for myself, initally on licensed character work. I have illustrated almost every cartoon created, from Disney, MGM, Loony Toons, Rupert the Bear,  Magic Roundabout etc. Most of this has been in the form of comics and childrens books. I have worked for Disney in the past and have spent some days at their Paris studio learning all the finer details that Walt had to offer.

My latest contributions have been a project of my own called 'Hide & Slide', which has been carefully nurtured by Small World Creations and released into the community. A new series of 'Hide & Slide' is currently being produced on the back of the success of the first publication and is available now. I have recently started producing cartoons for Athletics Weekly in an attempt to lighten the mood at the publication.